The Barcelona World Race Interpretation Centre is located in a booming and easily accessible new area of the city of Barcelona (the Levante pier, Barceloneta). The facilities were acquired by the Barcelona Foundation for Ocean Sailing (FNOB), organiser of the Barcelona World Race, to house the First Ocean Sailing Interpretation Centre whilst also providing a venue for businesses and entities wishing to hold events with an added value. These are located in the former tugboat building, which dates back to 1911 and was renovated by the architects Carlos Ferrater and Jordi Carbonell, retaining its original charm and architecture.

The 17 May 2012 saw the official opening of the Ocean Sailing Exhibition which is being hosted on the ground floor of this building and aims to become a benchmark in the field of ocean navigation. This is a public exhibition which features multimedia and interactive resources as well as state-of-the-art technology, the CISCO “Digital Mediasuite”, which allows easily accessing and updating all available information.

The Exhibition focuses on different areas of interest linked to the Barcelona World Race: the Race itself, Planet Sea, the Boats, History and the Human Factor. The Exhibition's main points of focus include the concepts of commitment to the environment, sustainable construction processes, recycling and striving to work towards clean seas.  

During the visit, the public will be able to experience and discover what happens at sea and the five most important things that skippers have to face, in addition to learning about the History of round-the-word regattas.

The services provided in this singular space are complemented by a Corporate Hospitality programme which is based on the experience of Barcelona World Race skippers and the sailboats used to race around the world, which are IMOCA Open 60’s. This programme is devised as a complement for companies renting the Interpretation Centre spaces. The programme aims to recreate the feeling of sailing on-board a craft of this kind, to share the values of the Barcelona World Race and the technical aspects required to prepare a team and a boat to sail around the world.

The Barcelona World Race Interpretation Centre and the Corporate Hospitality programme both strive to empower projects linked to education, to the history and culture of sailing and the Barcelona World Race itself. 


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