• Launch of Barcelona’s foundation for transoceanic sailing, the Fundació Navegació Oceànica Barcelona (FNOB)


  • The creation and development of the Barcelona World RaceEducational Programme aimed at developing courses and educational resources to encourage an awareness and knowledge of the sea and the sport of sailing.
  • The launch of the first collaboration projects with the Sea Sciences Institute at the Spanish National Research Council (ICM-CSIC). 


  • The launch of the ‘Seminari Navegant per la Ciència’ (seminars on the relationship between science and sailing), organised alongside the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.
  • The creation and organisation of the Barcelona World Race 2007/08, the world’s first two-crew, non-stop, round-the-world regatta.


  • The launch of the Seminari de Vela i Comunicació Científica (seminars on sailing and scientific communication), organised alongside theUniversitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.


  • The publication of the first Commitment to the Environment by the FNOB , which serves as a white paper for sustainable and environmentally-friendly transoceanic competitions, whilst encouraging a knowledge mindset around the sciences of the sea.
  • Support given to the MINI GAES Solidaria Team project in the Transat 6.50 Charente Maritime/Salvador de Bahia (Mini Transat).
  • Co-organisation of the Istanbul Europa Race on IMOCA 60 yachts, raced across three legs: Istanbul - Nice - Barcelona - Brest.
  • The launch of the Sailors for Science (Navegant per la Ciència) exhibition at the Portal de la Pau in Barcelona.


  • The organisation and launch of the New York to Barcelona Transoceanic Sailing Record,
  • the first transatlantic record linking a US east coast city with a mediterranean city.
  • Organisation and launch of the Round Spain Race (Vuelta a España a vela), the first regatta to circumnavigate the Iberian peninsula on IMOCA 60 yachts.
  • The organisation of the 1st International Conference on Ocean Sailingand the Environment, aimed at opening up a broader multidisciplinary dialogue on the sport.
  • Organisation of the Barcelona World Race 2010-11, the second edition of the regatta which consolidates its status on the international racing calendar as an ISAF Major Event and establishes itself on the IMOCA calendar with a coefficient rating of 8.
  • Salinity sensors are fitted onto the IMOCA 60 Fòrum Marítim Catalàas the basis for an ICM-CSIC project to measure the surface sea temperature and salinity levels for the entire Barcelona World Race course.


  • UNESCO prize awarded to theBarcelona World Race 2010/11 for its services to science.
  • Support given to the Mini GAES SolidariaTeam in the Transat 6.50 Charente Maritime /Salvador Bahia (Mini Transat)


  • Co-organisation of the Europa Warm’Up, a European regatta sailed on IMOCA 60 yachts across two legs: Barcelona - Cascais - La Rochelle.
  • Certification of the UNE-EN-ISO 14001, UNE-EN-ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 standards for the “Organisation of the Barcelona World Race” and to other events organised by the FNOB to promote and raise the profile of the organisation, as well as to maintain the quality in the maintenance of boats and the manufacturing of parts at the FNOB base. 


  • Organisation of the stopover and start in Barcelona of the yachts competing in the Mediterranean Tall Ships Regatta 2013, a Sail Training International (STI) competition, a foundation dedicated to promoting education and training for young people from any nationality, religion and social background through a sailing training programme.
  • Hosting of the Barcelona leg of the Generali Solo - Figaro 
  • Creation of the Barcelona World Race Oceanographic observatory, an informative and educational space dedicated to the scientific projects associated with the regatta.
  • Support for the Mini GAES SolidariaTeam in the Mini Transat Îles de Guadeloupe.
  • Publication of the FNOB’s second Commitment to the Environment with the involvement of the IOC-UNESCO along wth other collaborating bodies at the Oceanographic Observatory: GEMAT Material Engineering Group at the IQS (Instituto Químico de Sarrià), Universidad Ramón Llull, ICM / CSIC, Sailing Technologies I + D Group, Tecnotalasa, JCOMMOP Observations Programmes Support Centre, World Meteorological Organisation, Barcelona Digital, NIOZ and Citclops (Citizens Observatory for Coast and Ocean Optical Monitoring). 


  • The Barcelona World Race becomes the first ever sailing event to be awarded ISO 20121 certification
  • Co-organisation of the New York to Barcelona Race on IMOCA 60 yachts.
  • Co-organisation with the IOC - UNESCO of the 2nd International Ocean Research Conference in Barcelona.
  • Creation of the Barcelona World Race Ocean Campus, alongside the University of Barcelona (UB). Now known as the FNOB Campus, this is the first platform of open courses based on the scientific, technological and the human challenges of a round-the-world regatta.
  • Organisation of the Barcelona World Race 2014/15


  • Technical support for the Mini Barcelona Base, the team behind Spain’s entry in the Mini Transat Îles de Guadeloupe.


  •  Renewal of the agreement with the IOC-UNESCO 


  • Co-organisation of Act 4 of the Extreme Sailing Series TM, in Barcelona
  • IMOCA has confirmed the new format of the Barcelona World Race 2018/19, starting on the 12th January 2019; two legs Barcelona - Sydney, Sydney – Barcelona, with an option to change co-skipper for the second leg.

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