Our values are the building blocks of our work and our mission. These are values we practice every day and they form our working culture and ethos.

At the FNOB there are a series of principles we consider to be in the basic DNA of sport and of transoceanic sailing.

We strive to improve constantly in our work, to optimise our working processes and to reach excellence in the projects we collaborate on. As with sport itself, challenges and tests are what motivate us.

Team work
We nurture collective talent. Our day to day work is based on transversality, in the same way that successful transoceanic racing crews work together to reach their objectives. Team spirit is put into action to encourage participation and exchange between all of the different FNOB members and areas. We are committed to working together to achieve excellence for us all. 

This is a value at the heart of all sea sports; to offer support wherever it may be needed. This is also part of the FNOB day to day challenge as we look for opportunities to make a difference.

Respect for fellow humans and the environment are two tightly-linked concepts. Respect is the inspiration for our work in Education and Science; we work on creating tools which will be used to build knowledge and to raise the profile of the importance of protecting the marine environment, which is a fundamental challenge for humanity as a whole.

Courage and the ability to overcome fear is an important part of bringing our work and creativity to communities and there are similarities when sailors are faced with the unpredictability of the ocean.

We believe that both the sea itself and the sport of sailing offer an incredibly valuable transformative resource framework for people everywhere, personally and professionally.

Transoceanic sailing is exceptional in the way it draws together strands from all areas of knowledge. Here at the FNOB we work together to create and provide tools and to activate projects which support learning and training in a in a unique way, raising the profile of the sport of sailing.

A circumnavigation of the globe requires strategic planning which also contemplates constant change and a spirit of creativity.  The strategy needs to be directed at and focused on finding the right partners to work with on finding solutions for each challenge. This is a principle at the heart of our work in Sport and Business. In the complex sport of transoceanic sailing we encourage an ability to welcome change and we are committed to constantly working on launching new projects and finding new ideas which add value and have a positive global impact.

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