The FNOB offers teachers and students the chance to explore their educational tool, The Game for Teaching, a fixed application which had been adapted to all educational levels. It optimises the opportunity for knowledge transfer between the content areas and the core values of ocean racing itself. This tool combines three strands aimed at teaching knowledge, skills and encourage positive learning attitudes: curriculum content, ocean sailing content and values associated with ocean sailing.

The Game is played along the Barcelona World Race route and is designed to encourage competition, motivation and effecting change. Competition, as a core value for personal growth; motivation and effecting change for progress. The Game for Teaching incorporates the FNOB’s commitment to science whilst enabling research into the optimum methods for popularising science. It also analyses scientific methodologies designed to gather scientific ocean research across the world and to raise public awareness of the risks to seas and oceans and the ways to protect these. It also incorporates elements of technological and methodological innovation, applied to the unique characteristics of ocean sailing. These elements will provide schools with tools aligned with changes in teaching and learning strategies, whereby the student is placed at the centre of the process and works within a network on projects linked to the local area.

The application itself works as a race between all of the educational centres signed up to make their way around the world in 12 weeks (legs). Progress is made by solving challenges, collaboration and answering questions and creating content such as photos, audio, videos, descriptions, data collected, montages, etc. As students advance in the regatta (kilometres), they receive a certain number of pieces with which to build a puzzle, which has 120 pieces for every group of 10 schools. 

Classroom methodology: each school is a boat which is made up of different class groups, which are also boats and are, in turn, made up of small learning boats with 4 students with different roles. Every week they change roles, and in rotation, everyone has a chance to carry out each role.


  • To encourage knowledge of sailing and learning from its multiple disciplines.
  • To create a fun and motivational learning environment which combines learning with competition.
  • To use different learning approaches incorporating traditional learning techniques, scientific research, culture, creating, constructing and making and to bring these together, linking them to the local environment and global issues affecting the whole planet and our commitment to the environment.
  • To learn through play and competition to encourage self-improvement and self-challenge.
  • To positively influence students and effect positive changes in attitude which will be ongoing and sustained.
  • To work online and collaboratively. 


Duration: Duration of each game, three months. Applicable to first and second school terms: October to December and February to April.
Stages: Students from 6-16 years old
Location: Schools and finale at the FNOB HQ
Number of students: class group/s.
Price: Free.

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